sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2009

Divulgação Accelerated (Vagalume)

Chegou a hora de divulgar esse grande sucesso da Banda Calypso!
Basta baixar esse programa:
Depois de instalado copie esse link da música Accelerated http://vagalume.uol.com.br/banda-calypso/accelerated.html cole no navegador do Refresher e dê Enter.
Lembrando que pode ser aberto mais de 1 vez o programa, ou seja mais de 1 janela, se a conexão for lenta não abra outro.
remember when we met that day,
you stopped me in the street, yeah
I felt my heart jumping and scape a bit
i saw the magic in your eyes, and than, that you were
mine, yeah
when you call me, it could be so sweet

could this be for real ?
or it just for fun ?
let it light my fire
brightning right inside

is it just a dream ?
can you turn me on ?
it doesn't matter when i got you here by my side

ah ah ah
imagining that your body is close to mine
ah ah ah
feel like i am living out of time

but how can i control this love, i feel inside of me
i just let go
i need you so deep
can't you see ?

accelerated accelerated accelerated accelerated my
it faster all the time

accelerated accelerated accelerated accelerated my
i want you to be mine

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